Electric Rebar Bender RB-20
Electric Rebar Bender RB-20-1

Electric Rebar Bender RB-20

♦ Rebar Bender(RB) rebar bender widely used for bending rebar,steel bar,steel rod etc.
♦ Easily to operate
♦ Convenience to carry.
♦ Bending with accurate angle.
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The portable rebar bending machine adopts aeronautical aluminum alloy material. Light weight and convenient to move, it is simple and safe to operate this machine. And it can bend any angle between 0-90 degrees. It adopts the latest brushless motor technology, so it has low noise, long service life. This machine is widely used in railways, bridges, steel cages, basements, building roofs, pouring steel bending operations.Rebar bender is widely used in construction engineering for bending round steel, thread steel, screw, ect. The product with excellent quality, easy to move and safe to operate.